Sokkia 18' SK Level Rod Ft/Inch with Case

Model: 807334 SKU: 807334

Product Details

The Sokkia 18' Level Rod is made from strong, corrosion-proof fiberglass that is lightweight and won't warp or swell. The unique patented ovel shape permits equal size graduations full length, prevents the rod from rolling and is easier to hold. This new design reduces the overall length and the sections are cushioned with glides to prevent wear. The rod is graduated in ft/inches and the numbers are epoxy-protected for maximum wear-resistance and sized for maximum readability. In addition the rod has a height measuring gauge on the back. The linear accuracy exceeds 1 in 4000 and the top has a female threaded hole (5/8 x 11) for a mini prism.
Sokkia 18' SK Level Rod Ft/Inch with Case - 807334